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Company Profile
GREAT media and consumables is a pioneer in manufacturing,importing,distributering best quality electronics equipments in india.Established by a highly ambitious entrepreneur Mr.Manish Hirpara,GREAT Media and Consumables offers widest range of over 700 high quality electronics components at reasonable rates through its network across india.All our electronics products are well known in the market under our GREAT brand name and are in huge demand due to excellent quality.reliable service and timely delivery. as a result.

with a sole aim of providing BEST quality Electronics Products to our customers;

GREAT has adopted 5 principles as follows:

* QUALITY: All design and manufucturing processes are stricly controlled.our Engineering Center continually evaluates new material and their potential use in our designs.We also test virtually every type of cable attribute.Quality is taken seriously in GREAT.

* SERVICE: GREAT believes in the value of educating our customers,not just selling a product. Our friendly,knowledgeable support team is always ready to assist with product or application questions,technical support and system design advice. This highly trained team will provide you with any resoutces needed to support you and help you in simlifying you are task.

* RELIABILITY: GREAT has worked hard to be the most reliable in electronics products & accessories by customer. GREAT works hard to get best quality for their products at reasanable rates for their clients.

* ADAPTABILITY: GREAT is ready to adopt new & right international standerd technique and technologies.Without adaptability no one is complete as there is continuous growing process in developing the products.

* INNOVATION: An innovation is a new way of doing something.GREAT believes in developing the product with Quality reengineering, also GREAT appliesnew ideas successfully in practice. Through innovation & new ideas GREAT has improvements in efficiency, productvity & quality.